Crystal-less Low Power Oscillator (CLN12FFC)

  • 无晶振低功耗振荡器 (TSMC 12nm FFC)


Crystal-less Low Power Oscillator (CLN12FFC)


· Crystal-less oscillator

· Uses standard CMOS transistors

· Accuracy within +/-35% untrimmed, +/-8% post-trim

· Under 50uA active power

· Quick start/stop capability

· Requires no additional on-chip components, minimizing power consumption


General Description

Analog Bits’ Crystal-less low power oscillator addresses a variety of applications that include low power consumer and professional applications that require crystal-less oscillators to minimize the number of external components while permitting logic operation and secured verification of incoming clocks. These applications typically operate under significant noise environments of large digital media and data processing chips.


Typical Usage and Block Diagram


Figure 1 shows the block diagram of the Crystal-less oscillator macro. The macro has a BYPASS control that disables oscillator operation and allows for a low current state for IDDQ testing when CLK_EXT is quiescent. The BYPASS control mode also allows for an external clock input into the CLK_EXT pin to drive the CLK output, and thereby overriding the oscillator clock.

Figure 1: Block Diagram




Table 1: Specifications 


Pin Description


  Table 2: Pin Description


Deliverables and EDA Design Views


 Table 3: List of Deliverables


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