Glitch Detector (CLN7FF)

  • 毛刺检测器 (TSMC 7nmFF)

    Analog Bits的毛刺检测器集成参考电压,不需要时钟或特殊电源要求。可级联用于任何数量的毛刺检测通道,输出核心逻辑电平信号。采用Analog Bits的专有架构实现,无需额外的片上模块,可将功耗降至最低。

Glitch Detector (CLN7FF)


· Integrated voltage reference for precision stand-alone operation

· Easy to integrate with no additional components or special power requirements

· Easy to use and configure

· Cascadable for any number of glitch detection channels   

· Independent programming available for glitch detection levels

· Low power

· Implemented with Analog Bits’ proprietary architecture

· Requires no additional on-chip macros, minimizing power consumption


General Description

Analog Bits’ Glitch Detector macro comprehensively addresses typical SOC power supply and other voltage glitch monitoring needs in a fully integrated easy-to-use macro. The Glitch Detector macro includes an internal bandgap style voltage reference circuit which is used as a reference to compare the voltage supplies against. The Glitch Detector macro is fully asynchronous with hot outputs, so requires no clock or other synchronizing signal to work correctly. Only when the monitored voltage inputs have exceeded a user-selected voltage level will the respective Glitch Detector output signal indicate that a violation is detected.

The Glitch Detector outputs a core logic level signal, with a high level representing a glitch or continuous voltage above the selected value, and a low level representing a glitch or continuous voltage below the selected value.






Composite Glitch Detector Description: 


Below is the block and functional diagrams of the composite Glitch Detector. The composite Glitch Detector comprises a Primary Glitch Detector, which includes a bandgap, plus Additional Glitch Detectors if needed by the application and which connect by abutment.


Glitch Detector Block Diagram



Glitch Detector Pin Description




Deliverables and EDA Design Views



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