PVT Sensor (CLN7FF)

  • Analog Bits的PVT传感器用于监视片上工艺、电压和温度变化,具有很高的精度和极低的功耗。包含的数字接口可与标准内核和IO级电源配合使用。

PVT Sensor (CLN7FF)

General Description


Analog Bits' PVT Sensor is a highly integrated macro for monitoring process, voltage, and temperature variation on-chip, allowing very high precision even in untrimmed usage. It consumes very little power even in operational mode, and leakage power only when temperature measurement is complete. An additional voltage sample mode is included allowing for supply voltage monitoring, and process monitor mode to assess transistor performance. The block includes a simple-to-use digital interface that works with standard core and IO level power supplies. The macro uses core and thick-oxide devices.


Figure 1: PVT Sensor Block Diagram




Table 1: PVT Sensor Specifications 

Figure 2: Timing Diagram 

Pin Description


Table 2: Pin Description


Deliverables and EDA Design Views

Table 3: List of Deliverables


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